Saturday Morning Links

1. I don’t even fish that much, but found this fascinating. Basically an untouched part of the world.

2. Bitter Southerner writes about burning the South. Not in that way, controlled burning to reduce wildfires.

By helping forest managers do more controlled burns, Warwick’s crew can help reduce the likelihood and severity of wildfires, enhance biodiversity, and increase the amount of usable habitat for species as big as the black bear and as small as the bog turtle, the smallest turtle in North America found only in the Southern Blue Ridge.

“At The Nature Conservancy, we realize we’re not going to save the world by just managing our 5,000 acres here and 4,000 acres there,” Warwick said. “In western North Carolina alone, there’s a million acres of public land that’s not getting fire like it should.”

By bringing fire back, everyone wins.

3. Via Outside Online, what we know about pain is probably, maybe wrong.

The first way we get chronic pain wrong, says Starrett, is that we assume it occurs in the muscles or bones or, in the case of psychological disorders, the mind. However, more recent work in the field of pain science reveals this isn’t the case. Persistent chronic pain is a bio-psycho-social phenomenon. In other words, it manifests from a combination of issues arising in our bodies, minds, and communities. While acute pain (e.g., a broken wrist, a sprained ankle, or transient anxiety or depression) recedes with targeted treatments, chronic pain does not. Thus, Starrett says, it requires a much more holistic view.


5. I don’t have a lot going on this week and it’s been incredibly busy so getting 5 things to read and or look at have been challenging. Have a day. A good day.

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