Saturday Morning Links

1. I can’t say that you don’t know where Moonlight Beach is, but that’s Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, California around 8 in the morning. My absence here has been about practices and running and once I get going on a Saturday morning, I’m typically not back at my computer for the rest of the day. I definitely miss this, but I also understand that in delegating my time between things this gets left off the table.

2. I’ve been saving these quotes, both of these quotes describe my boys and maybe even me to an extent and thought they were good, so I’m here to share.

“They laugh at me because I’m different; I laugh at them because they’re all the same.”

“All of this pretending and performing—these coping mechanisms that you’ve developed to protect yourself from feeling inadequate and getting hurt—has to go. Your armor is preventing you from growing into your gifts. I understand that you needed these protections when you were small. I understand that you believed your armor could help you secure all of the things you needed to feel worthy and lovable, but you’re still searching and you’re more lost than ever. Time is growing short. There are unexplored adventures ahead of you. You can’t live the rest of your life worried about what other people think. You were born worthy of love and belonging. Courage and daring are coursing through your veins. You were made to live and love with your whole heart. It’s time to show up and be seen.”

3. This video of Harmen Hoek hiking the Drakensberg in South Africa is nothing short of beautiful.

4. Via Hyperallergic, Ukrainian soldiers discovered Greek amphorae (I didn’t know what this word meant and it means tall ancient Greek or Roman jar with two handles and a narrow neck) while digging trenches in Odesa, probably at least 2,00 years old. Via Smithsonian Magazine, a 5,000 year old drum was found near Yorkshire, being buried near three children, a clay ball and a bone pin. The drum is only one of four that are known. Even 5,000 years ago, people wanted to be symmetrical which is amazing.

5. I’m on Strava (I’m not exciting on Strava, it’s mostly treadmill runs), but probably don’t use it like most people. It’s just a way for me to track miles on my shoes and I can keep track of what my siblings are doing, which are the only people I follow. I don’t know why you would follow a famous person, but I can attest to not understanding a lot of things. This story from Cycling tips’ Iain Treloar uncovering a fake pro cyclist, a man who claimed to be a professional cyclist, an entire life started to unravel because of unrealistic fastest known segments. This is ridiculously long, so sit down with a good drink.

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