Saturday Morning Links

1. Ever heard of Eibsee? It’s a lake in Germany and it is 9,680 feet above sea level as well as being privately owned.

Photo by Alana Harris on Unsplash

2. I loved this short video about riding bikes. I’ve got a new bicycle thanks to my brother who built me a beauty. If you were to ask me about specs or brakes or seat I’d be pretty clueless and I sort of like it that way. It’s a bike and I’m sure it’s a great bike. It also just goes forward and I sort of love that about it. I’ve got a 12.5 mile loop that I can get onto from my house that follows some country roads that have no cars on them (or very few). I usually only have time to ride on Sunday morning so it’s worked into an awesome routine that I look forward to every Sunday. Previous Sundays I’d be very casual and not necessarily ride hard. Mainly because I was enjoying myself. It was fun just being out. After watching this video, I decided to drop the hammer a bit, work hard on the uphills and I went from averaging about 12 to 13 mph to 14.5. I definitely worked harder, but it was also a more fun ride. I also love how a bike can take you many places the same way that running can.

3. Need something fun? Danny MacAskill returns riding a wheelie.

4. Mike Snowden writes about the mountain range at the bottom of the ocean and if you’ve never thought about how vast that is, then you probably should. In fact only 5% of the world’s oceans have been mapped so to see the map about halfway down this link is really neat because I’ve never considered the mountain ranges beneath the sea.

5. Yes. I’d also add. “14. Practice radical gratefulness.”

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