Saturday Morning Things

1. Ever heard of Corsica? Well, maybe you have, it is an island in France, but I would have guessed it was Italian based on the name and historically was a part of Italy at one time, but was annexed by France and was the home of Napoleon Bonaparte. And it is just north of Sardinia, which is part of Italy.

Photo by Lukas Tennie on Unsplash

2. Beau Miles is doing 12 days of newness, all leading up until the new year. Things like getting a proper haircut, a massage, a triathlon (but very atypical type of triathlon), etc.

3. We’ve heard plenty about walls over the past few years, but Laredo and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas are proposing a binational river park for 6.3 miles along the Rio Grande, and an attempt to restore the river and will include 1,000 acres, 500 on each side of the border. I like thinking about new ways to solve problems and there’s no guarantee that this will work, but restoring the river and creating a park between the two cities sounds at the very least something to try.

4. Don’t you just love how things get found, especialy when it feels as if every inch of this planet has been photographed? Via Live Science, 168 new geoglyphs have been found at Nazca some of which were created 100 B.C to 300 A.D.

5. Via Colossal, the Scottish town of Newburgh in Scotland has their young children design their Christmas decorations, including a “Happy Nemo”, a red snowman, a dinosaur decorated like a Christmas tree, etc.

Bonus. A nice historical look at the Christmas Truce of 1914.

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