Saturday Morning Things

1. Ever heard of Nachi Falls? Me neither. It’s obviously a standalone attraction in the southeast portion of Japan, but it is also at the end of the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Route, a walking route that is over 1,000 years old.

Photo by Tom Vining on Unsplash

2. The Ringer’s Brian Phillips with maybe the finest piece of writing I’ve read this year, no joke, on the legend of Pelé, the Brazilian Boy Who Remade Soccer in His Image. Even if you don’t like soccer, this is terrific storytelling.

So here’s how this goes. In the late 1940s, in the city of Bauru, in the southeast of Brazil, a group of boys sets out to see a dead body.

The dead body belongs to a pilot. A pilot who has crashed his plane. Actually, it’s not a plane; it’s a glider. Do you know about gliders? I didn’t really know. Picture a small plane without an engine. Another plane tows the glider up into the sky and then lets it go. And the pilot can steer it. Can bank and turn, etc.

The idea is that you go up in a glider and you soar. But gravity ultimately pulls you down.

Hopefully gently. But down.

3. The 2 bike and 1 wheelchair boys finished. 48 days to cycle across the USA, finishing in L.A. with a police escort. A really fun finish.

4. Every year Semi-Rad’s Brendan Leonard re-publishes this piece about this year being the year to practice maximum enthusiasm. If you’re in a rut, this is a great thing to read to day (or maybe tomorrow) and it is a reminder that bringing joy, or attempting to bring joy to other people’s lives is a good thing. I did buy the Practice Maximum Enthusiasm sweatshirt so I’m fully qualified.

Do you like to laugh? Most people do, don’t they? Including baristas, waitstaff, and retail personnel. Perhaps you have at some point had a real conversation with one of these people. This can sometimes begin by sincerely asking those people how they are, instead of treating them like a machine that makes you coffee or orders your salad. This opens the door to making them laugh. If you play your cards right, you may be able to high-five them at the end of a conversation.

Remember yesterday, when you saw that one thing that reminded you of that one friend of yours, and you thought about how if you sent that friend a photo of the thing that reminded you of them, they would smile? But then you didn’t send your friend that photo, and it wasn’t awesome. Don’t do that again.

5. The only reason I knew about Nachi Falls before you did (I’m guessing that this is accurate, but you may known about it before me) is from Elina Osborne and her taking the Kumano Kudo Pilgrimage walk with her brothers. This is delightful.

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