Road Trip – Shrevport

On a complete whim, Chris and Greg called and asked me if I wanted to go to Shrevport with them. I initially declined, but then thought that these types of moments slip by me all of the time, i.e. not participating. So we hoped in the car and took off.

Hetty behind the wheel. By the way Chris found some gum stuck on his seat, and I would be happy to email that picture to Chris, but I’m having trouble posting it. Also, when I downloaded photos this morning, the two photos of Greg got deleted, but you can see his hand and watch on Chris’s seat.


Beautiful East Texas.

The River.

The long and short of the trip: it was a really good time, we got back at 9:30-ish. Chris won and Greg and I lost, but we gained so much in fellowship, we all came out winners.

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