Jenson’s 2nd Birthday

Jenson and Grace make me laugh. Jenson turns two on Thursday, and we had his party on Sunday. The food was good, but there’s two funny parts. The first funny part is when we all sing “Happy Birthday” to Jenson, he gets embarassed and hides his face, and tries to act like no one can see him.

Marilea, who’s expecting within the week, Blake, Miranda, Ryan and Dad.

This is Jenson blowing out his two candles, with Uncle Ryan looking on.

So this is the other funny part. Grace is obsessed with opening presents. She loves to “help” Jenson open his as he is not as agressive as Grace is in looking at each present. As you can see by the picture below, Saralyn literally had to hold Grace to let Jenson open his presents. As an aside, I think Jenson received approximately 20 trucks and one wicked motorcycle that had a sweet guitar sound effect which I am sure that Saralyn and Darius have had their share.

Miranda and I.

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