2006 Vacation – Colorado

Miranda and I finally decided on our annual vacation and we’ve decided to go to Colorado and the Colorado Springs area. You can view our map of places we’d like to go here. It is my hope that I can blog and post from the road (free interenet access and breakfast are a must with any hotel that we stay at, at). It will be like you’re along with us for the trip. If anyone has any suggestions then we’d love to hear them. Also, you can see pictures of the places that we’d like to go (posted by other people) on the right, under the “43 Places” heading.

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One thought on “2006 Vacation – Colorado

  1. Roni:

    Looks like an excellent vacation plan. Before deciding on Mexico, I tried to convince Moe on a trip to Colorado or Wyoming. We decided that those trips are best if taken with other people. I traveled to Colorado several times as a kid on family trips.

    Also, Melissa was lamenting that she has not seen you, Bigtime, Blue, or Joe in quite some time. She and I thought it might be nice to have an event/activity oriented get-together. I talked with Bigs last night to get some suggestions. We thought it might be nice to gather at a lake, where we can rent a big boat, and have goodtimes and fellowship. Kind of like our trip to Lake Eufala, but a much better lake. So far we have to options. Some lake that Bigs has went to around Broken Bow, which he says is real nice and one of his partners has a fancy smancy cabin. The other is Table Rock Lake, which is kind of in my backyard, but is beautiful and has ample accomodations for folks. I am trying to coordinate this for Labor Day. Please comment.

    When is your vacation?


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