Leadville, Colorado

After hiking in Buena Vista we decided to head north towards Breckenridge and on the way was the quaint little town known as Leadville.  Leadville is the highest altitude town/city in the US and Miranda was quite taken with this little town.  She really like the antique shops and I hated them.  I will not tell you too much about this town, it is neat if you like antique shops and on the West wide of town, the mountains are very close (see the last picture).  The most interesting thing was a group of young vagrants who were walking barefoot in the city with their dogs.  I want to call them hippies, but I really don’t know if that’s accurate, they were young people, some of them shoeless and seemed happy who were hanging around the downtown area.  The only thing I really was worried about was the health of their puppy dogs and they all seemed to be in good care.  Good times.

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