Saturday Morning Links

1. Ever heard of Cape Verde? Me neither, but I talked to someone this week who is from there and it is pretty amazing. It is a small chain of islands off the West coast of Africa. Of course it comes with some not great history, including colonization by Portugal, but it looks great.

2. Do things to help your future self.

3. It’s Impossible, Said Price
It’s Risky, Said Experience
It’s Pointless, Said Reason
Give it a try, Whispered the Heart

4. Xander Budnick is delightful. He’s a Canadian that likes to camp and hike and film it and he’s funny, quirky and definitely not what you would expect from an “outdoorsman”. He goes on a 13-day camping and canoe trip with a friend (the friend forgets his dehydrated food) and they figure it out. This is part 1 and there are to be multiple parts.

5. I don’t even know if you will be able to read this piece from Outside Online’s Alex Perry because it is absolutely insane, “I’m Still Alive but Sh*t Is Getting Wild”: Inside the Siege of the Amarula”. When we talk about the price of oil and gas or really extracting anything, well, this would be part of it. And if you are curious if this is a real thing, yes it is.

When vast gas reserves were discovered off the idyllic coast of northern Mozambique, a crew of roughnecks flew in from around the world to make their fortunes. But in March 2021, Islamist rebels attacked, and the foreigners and thousands of Mozambicans were abandoned. Two hundred holed up at the Amarula Lodge, where the expats faced a choice: save themselves, or risk it all to save everyone. As oil and gas fuel a new war in Europe, Alex Perry pieces together, shot by shot, a stunning morality tale for the global economy.

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