Saturday Morning Links

1. Ever heard of Es Vedra? It is an island on the eastern side of Spain and is uninhabited. According to the Wikipedia, the island is supposedy home to sirens and sea-nymphs who attempted to lure Odysseus from his ship.

Photo by Rodrigo Kugnharski on Unsplash

2. Beau Miles is at it again, trying to salvage wood from a house set to be demolished. With only 3 days to pull all of the timber he can before an excavator tears it apart. It’s not a video about a race, but it is a video about salvaging things that are useful. There were also two things that he said which I enjoyed: 1)your home is an ecosystem, with you, and your bugs, and plants, and microbes, all living in some sort of harmony; and 2) once you pick up rubbish, then that rubbish is yours until you dispose of it. I’ve never tended to think of rubbish as something that I want to own, but I will pick up rubbish because I don’t like to see trash, but now it’s my responsibility. That’s the way it should be.

3. I’ve put it out into the universe that I’m going to run the Pumpkin Hollar Hunnerd, except I’m not going to run 100 miles or even 100 kilometers, but rather I will be more than happy to run 50k. The run is the weekend of October 15th and because I went to law school in Tulsa, I decided to ask some of my law school friends if they’d like to meet me in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. I’m looking forward to it and my hope is that this will be a runnable race that won’t absolutely whip my ass. I haven’t gotten together with my law school buddies in a decade plus, so I’m excited to see them. All it took was me running 50k to get that done.

4. They are running a mile faster than I can run half a mile (I could technically run faster, but you get the point). It never ceases to amaze me how gifted some people are.

5. I took a trip to visit my sister in San Diego about a month or so ago. My nephew was graduating from high school. I took that opportunity to go run outside for multiple days. My excuse is always that the weather in Texas is intolerable and right now that is 100% true. Regardless, when I got back home, I kept running on the treadmill like I always do, but one morning around 4:45 a.m. I decided I was going to run outside in my neighborhood. This is not something I do, especially me getting out of my routine. Once I had decided to do the ultramarathon, I knew that I needed to run outside more and let the treadmill be a break every once in a while. Running outside right now is dreadful, but in the morning before the sun rises it is tolerable. I have noticed that running outside before the sun rises accomplishes a few things: 1)you avoid the hottest of the heat, but the heat is still there, like a hair dryer on you the entire time; 2) you get to look up at the stars in the night sky and that’s pretty awesome; 3) around 6:15 or 6:20 there’s been some migratory birds that are flying east, essentially straight into the sun (I want to be those birds sometimes); and 4) the sunrise.

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