Friends Christmas Party

Another year and another Christmas Party filled with good times. As always, the gracious hosts, Landy and Chris, should be thanked for taking the time to set this thing up every year.

Having a laugh before opening presents:

Justin F. and Ashley F.:

Someone wants a Dallas Cowboys Zach Thomas jersey:

But is the proud owner of a tiny backpack:

Teh funny:

Sweet Sweet and Ashely F. picks out a present:


I’m pretty creepy:

The girls are being serious:

The girls are being silly:

I picked lotto tickets (did not win) and donuts (did win) for my present and they are still delicious:


It’s Been A Long Time

It’s been a long time, but I’m hoping you understand. Football season takes up so much of my time that I find time scarce. I know that you guys deserve better, but when time is short, this takes a back seat.

This past weekend, we had a wedding in San Antonio, one of my cousins was married and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen my family.

Sweet Sweet and I go for a walk.

The wedding was at a very nice ranch, close to my Grandmother’s farm.

For some reason I look fat, while my beautiful wife looks gorgeous.