Grandma’s Birthday

Sweet Sweet and I traveled down to Castroville a few weekends ago to attend my Grandmother’s birthday and family reunion.

We stayed at the Landmark Inn in Castroville.

This was our room.

This was the sink in our bathroom and Sweet Sweet wanted me to take picture of it for future reference.

This is inside the old mill on the property.

We get to Grandma’s party and quite a bit of family is in attendance:

It’s pinata time.

Uncle David takes a crack at the Alsatian inspired shamrock pinata.

Grandma takes a swing.

Some of Grandma’s great grandchildren.

Although it doesn’t look like it from here, this is the Texas Hill Country.

Taking the Day Off

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take the day off from work and Sweet Sweet and I decided to take care of some bidness in Dallas and then take a walk around White Rock Lake.

I really don’t have a double-chin in real life:

Boy on a bridge:

Boat docks:

That weekend, I decided to finish a book that I’d started around Christmas and finally finished. This meant lounging around in the backyard.

While I put the old lady to work:

Sleeping dogs (Zoey and Blue):

Also, here’s a garden update. The onions are growing nicely, while we’ve recently planted some tomato and pepper plants.




Falling Behind and Catching Up – Lesley J.’s Birthday

Who’s behind on their blog, raise their hand?

I’ve just found other things to do while on the internet. My bad.

I think this was a month ago, Lesley J. had her birthday and celebration ensued with good times at Fireside Pies, a pizza place:

Nick and the Birthday Girl (yea, I’m posting this):

Sweet Sweet and myself:

Courtney and Sweet Sweet:

Ryan and Wendy:

Stephen and Ashley: