Christmas Photos

It is a tradition like no other, taking Christmas photographs in November. We went to a park in Canton, that was actually pretty cool. A park that had a real deal Frisbee golf course that looked pretty legitimate and an incredibly nice play area for the kids. It was a castle and it was really well done. Anyway, you won’t see any of that, but you will see the family posing for photographs. One of these photos looks like my brain has been sucked from my head.



When Fitsum hugs the both of us, he squeezes us really tightly. This is what’s happening here.





I’m a pretty lucky guy.


This is the one that looks like I have an empty brain.



This is what was on our Christmas card.


Here, I am praying that Fitsum doesn’t kick me in the face.


Halloween | An Astronaut


Pretty awesome and one day, when Fitsum in old, he’s going to laugh at the next picture.¬† He won’t be between the ages of 10 and 18, but after that. Long after that, he’ll laugh and think it’s funny how his old man took this picture of him.


Seriously though. I love this kid and he’s just the best thing ever.