Mavs Game – Return of the T-Storm

What a tremendous time at the Mavs game last night. I got the call around 5:30 and I think I was only 3rd or 4th on the call list (it doesn’t bother me, really, it doesn’t) and I was at the Jones’ household by 6:30.

I want to give a huge shout-out to Mr. Thompson who provided the seats, they were greatly appreciated by all of us.

The game wasn’t great, because the Mavs completely stomped a mudhole in the Pacers. The first half was closer that the second half but the Mavs had so much more depth it wasn’t really fair. Once again, it’s amazing how great Howard, Harris and Terry can be. This is going to be an amazing year. I also realized on the ride home to Terrell that Dampier had 14 rebounds (I was shocked to hear this).

By the way, the picture of Nick in complete defiance of his wife is priceless and will be worth quite a ransom, not that I would blackmail Nick. Let’s just hope that Nick doesn’t show this blog to his wife.

It’s a shame that T-Storm is half-way across the country.

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