I Can’t Post Pictures

I cannot post pictures tonight and it’s very frustrating. Who wants to just read a bunch of content without looking at pretty pictures? I’ve tried turning off my computer and re-booting, I’ve tried simply posting a link to a pictures and I’ve had no luck.

This posting is to simply remind everyone that we need 5 pictures in a day in the life on Friday. There are no restrictions other than we need to keep it clean, but I certainly want everyone to be creative.

UPDATE: It’s the next morning and now I’m able to post pictures. Crazy.

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2 thoughts on “I Can’t Post Pictures

  1. That many days in b/w posts can result in some resentment among your readers. If I take pictures, you will help me post them, right? You cleverly avoided discussing any trips to see Missouri the other day. Well, maybe its time to come down and do the horse races. Look at your April weekends.

  2. Yes, just email me the pictues, I’ll take care of the rest. If you want descriptions then let me know and I’ll add those too, just be as specific as possible. There’s no way that you can post these pictures from the comments and they’ll be on the main blog.

    Yes, I did avoid Missouri trip, but we need to discuss this privately.

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