The Draft

I went to Dallas last week and this is the view, looking towards the Dallas skyline, from the grassy knoll from the Kennedy assassination. I have pictures of the knoll itself, but thought that this view was more appropriate. I am sure that on that day there were only trees and not the mirrored buildings and Reunion Tower that you see here.

I do not believe I will ever forget that magical time when Ben, Bob, Joe, Gabe and myself watched the entire NFL draft one Saturday. I had slight interest in watching, and the morning started much like every morning in law school. I got up early and made coffee for everyone who wanted it. We had planned a long day of studying in the school library, but much like things happen in life, we were quickly distracted by Chris Berman and Mel Kiper. What was thought to only be 10 minutes of coverage quickly turned into an all afternoon affair. I believe the only break we had was to go to McDonald’s for dinner. We normally had really good intentions and in fact, we normally did study all day, however, this day was different.

Now, this year’s draft is almost upon us and instead of firmly planting myself in front of a television on Saturday morning, I will be planting the sod that I ordered last weekend. As you well know, there are certain portions of my yard which desperately needs turf and this is the time of year to do it. It’s not as hot, won’t require as much watering, and there’s hope that rain will help that issue too.

I also remember, that it was only about a year ago that I was finally able to move into my home. Me and Rage. The trigger that sparked my memory was watching the Mavs on Sunday evening and thinking about the last time that I watched the Mavs in the playoffs. Last year I wasn’t able to watch any games in the second round unless they were on without cable. That’s right, for a very long period of time, I lived without cable and solely relied upon “rabbit ears” to satiate my television experience. I distinctly remember listening to the game on the radio when they were on cable television. So much time has passed in-between now and then.

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