Miranda’s Birthday @ Southern Junction

We celebrated Miranda’s birthday with a slew of friends at Southern Junction last night. Southern Junction is best described as a honky-tonk with a live band and country music dancing. Not excactly my cup of tea, but Miranda loves this sort of stuff. Some of the highlights below:

Miranda and Jessica

Miranda and Leslie

Stephen and Lelie were without their signifacant others last night and so they decided to take a cute picture together.

It was at this point that I realized that having Stephen here by himself provided an excellent opportunity to get two seconds of “Single Stephen” which meant that I made the request to give Leslie the “look”. Ashley T., rest easy, as you can tell by Leslie’s reaction, that Stephen’s still all yours.

Southern Junction is also a steakhouse, but unlike other steakhouses, you can cook your own steak.

Miranda and Jessica, dancing together

Justin and Ashley F.

I told Landy that this was a winner and I think I’m right.

Southern Junction also has a disco ball with a cowboy hat on it. Yes, that’s right a disco ball with a cowboy hat.

Jessica and Chris.

Elizabeth and Miranda.

Oh, sweet.

My camera ran out of batteries right after this picture, which means that Miranda and I did not take a picture together, but I did get one with my other sweet heart, Chris.

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3 thoughts on “Miranda’s Birthday @ Southern Junction

  1. Man, after that sexy little look by Stephen I’m surprised Leslie didn’t just melt right there on the spot! HAHA. I’m so sad I missed out on the evening. Sure looks like everyone was having a blast. Thanks for letting my hubby stay over. Y’all are great friends and we’re happy to have you both in our lives. Happy Birthday, My-Randa!

  2. hetty and chuck, the other two legs to my blogging tripod. can i get superimposed into that pic? birthday happy Miranda!

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