Three Pictures

Three pictures all taken at the same time. I’ve been fiddling with my camera quite a bit, especially the manual controls and I needed a forum to post pictures so I could compare. Mostly the saturation levels and the ISO.




Although the differences seem to be small, I think my favorite of the three is the last picture because it offers the greatest contrast, especially between the white rock road and the grass, however, I’m drawn to darker pictures, for whatever reason. The other bad part of this picture is that it’s cloudy, so there’s no real contrast between the road and the sky, which seems to be a visually displeasing effect. Isn’t it also true that small details is what makes art (please don’t get me wrong, I do not consider the photograph of a road and pasture art, but the general idea of art) interesting are the small details that the photograph or painting?

I am going to try to post two days this week. Lately I have been trying to educate myself on investing because it’s one of those things that I know absolutely nothing about. Today’s topic, the index fund. For general information about what an index fund is then check out one of my favorite websites, Get Rich Slowly.

I’ve talked about a DSLR camera before (digital single lens reflex) and not explained why it’s so important that I get one. Please read 10 Reasons to Buy a DSLR (thanks Lifehacker).

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2 thoughts on “Three Pictures

  1. Look at my blog (mainly the picture of Bella Grace). I rotated it on flickr, then tried to post a small photo like you taught me. However, it re-rotated it back to the original position (so now it looks sideways). Do you know how I can fix this? I tried 3 or 4 times and it keeps happening. I can’t rotate it after I view the sizes and click on ‘small’. Help!

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