Snow in April

The Alico Building, Waco, Texas

The Alico Building in Waco, Texas.

There was snow in April. On Saturday, it snowed. It didn’t snow much, but it did snow nonetheless.  The snow didn’t stick like it did in West Texas, but here near Dallas, it was just cold, windy and annoyingly cold.  Apparently it was one of the coldest days in April in 20 years.  I have no facts or data to back that up.

I’ve got a couple of items to discuss this evening:

Item 1: Grace’s 5th Birthday was on Monday (Happy Birthday Grace!!) and I’ve got a number of pictures to post, but I just haven’t had time to upload them.  The food was delicious, the kids were incredibly hyper and although I had my doubts about the gift of extra-large chalk, I think that’s going to work out just fine.

Item 2: My great razor experiment has come to an end. On August 27, 2006 I wrote about my most recent razor purchase. My old razor died and I had decided to move onward and upward. Well, late in February, I finally ran out of razors. This meant that I used 6 razors in approximately 6 months time. That’s amazing. Not to mention, my amazingness, I also saved a ton of money. No more Phantoms or Fusions or the like. Just simple and well made disposable razors.  Perhaps at some point I’ll be able to master the straight razor which would remove the need to ever purchase another razor again.

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