Christmas Celebrations

Lots and lots of Christmas Celebrations. All of the photos can be found here. Up first, is . . .

Christmas with Randy –

Rocky and Elam:

Digging in:

Randy, Elam and Rocky:

Christmas with PDB’s Family –

Settling in with Blake and Ryan:

Me and Sweet Sweet:

Lots of presents

Sweet Sweet, Mia, TJ and Saralyn:

A whirly-gig:

Blake, Thea, Grace, Marilea, Hogan, Mom and Dad:

Sweet Sweet, TJ (Mia is hidden), Darius, Jenson, and Saralyn:

Me and Sweet Sweet:

Christmas with Justin, Ashley and Ann –

Ashley, Ann, Elam (the star of the show), Brady and Justin:



Sweet Sweet and Justin:

Ann and Brady:

Bella keeping an eye on Elam:

Completely surprised:

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