Christmas and Adoption Updates in January

I think I’ve written, “better late than never,” a few times, but hopefully you can forgive myself and Sweet Sweet.

First things first, a quick adoption update.  Referrals have moved quite slowly for the last few months, but as of today, we sit at #10 for boys, #13 for girls and #10 for twins.  Baby steps.  And mean that literally and hoping that this is the sound that we hear relatively soon.

Christmas has been over and done with for quite some time, but as I’ve always said, this cute little blog is a history, albeit a not so updated history of our journey.  Up first is Christmas at our house with Justin, Ashley, Elam, Emery, Brady, Randy and Kathy. Elam was the star of the show and here he is opening presents.

Elam shows uncle Brady how to play the guitar.

Elam’s first firearm, courtesy of great uncle Rocky.

Randy approves.

Brady, Justin and Ashley.

Elam is excited about a soccer ball, so excited he’s blurry.

Up next is Christmas at my parents. It’s tough to see, but here’s Jon, Saralyn’s arm, Darius, the back of Thea’s head, Mom, Hogan, Jensen, Grace, Dad, Ryan, TJ and Mia singing happy birthday to Hogan.

Here’s Hogan thinking about all of the presents and moving so fast my camera can’t catch-up along with Dad, Mom, Marilea and Jon.

Here’s Mia, TJ, Ryan, Dad and Jensen.

Here’s myself and Sweet Sweet.

Up next is Christmas at Justin and Ashley’s. Here’s Uncle Brady and Elam getting ready to do some construction work with all of the appropriate safety gear (I don’t know why I turned on the flash).

Bella, Justin, Elam and Sweet Sweet.

Ann and Ashley.

Brady and Justin.

Justin and Sweet Sweet checking out Elam’s new toy.

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