Ethiopia Trip | The City

One morning, I thought it would be good for me to go out and take a walk and take some additional photos of the city of Addis Ababa. It turned out that I probably had more pictures of the city than I did of our child, but when we were together, we were watching him and trying to be parents for the first time.

So onto the streets I walk and as mentioned the last time, the store fronts all are painted with bright colors, most likely to draw attention to each particular store. Also, every morning, the store owners take off the metal doors covering their shops for the night and they also most the walk-way. The streets really aren’t paved like you and I know streets to be paved so you see quite a bit of dirt and dust on the sidewalks and Ethiopian people want the entry to their store to be as clean as possible.






There are a ton of convenience stores in Ethiopia. This is an example of a convenience store. It’s really just a small booth, sells water, drinks, and other sundry items.


In the stores that sell clothes, they all have mannequins out front and I’m guessing that most store owners don’t own stands that stay up, due to the sometimes rough sidewalk and so the owners hold the mannequins up by the neck, which is strange.


This would be a typical thoroughfare through Ethiopia. And this is pretty early in the morning, maybe around 8:00 or so. The blue cars with the white tops are taxi cabs.


You sometimes see these ladies cleaning streets.


I would have thought that there is no food in Ethiopia, but sometimes it is plentiful.



These are also cabs, these vans, and they’re more common. It’s more or less like a bus system where people get on and off.


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s also common for people to get their shoes shined, so this set-up is pretty standard.


This is also pretty common, which is a set-up for coffee or tea and I think that people will just stop and have a drink.




I’m not sure, but Teddy Afro must be a pretty big deal.


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