Where I Write About a Vacation to Gulf Shores | New Orleans

I am constantly amazed about how little I write here and it’s becoming depressing. Previously, it was because I didn’t have enough time and that’s still the case to some extent. The other reason is that I just find other things to do. But it’s seems disingenuous to not keep this up because this is supposed to be me tracking our journey with Fitsum. And as I type this, Fitsum comes into the room saying, “Hi, Daddy. Hi, Daddy. Hi, Daddy. Hi, Daddy.”

So this is our first family vacation. My wife planned the entire trip and so she gets all of the credit. The first leg of our trip was a drive to New Orleans, where my wife had never been before. She thought it would be fun, and it was. We stayed in a really terrific hotel downtown that was within walking distance to Canal Street and we had a good time.

Fitsum and I at the Mississippi River:

Sweet Sweet and Fitsum in Jackson Square:

Taking a ride on a horse-drawn carriage:

The funny thing about this experience is that we sat up front, and Fitsum is going through this phase where if someone is yelling, he’ll yell back. The drive was having to speak up so that everyone could hear him, so Fits just yelled jibberish the entire ride. Awesome.

We also had a really nice dinner at a brewery. I had my very first soft shell crab and it was great. We were a tad bit desperate because Fitsum was getting a bit cranky. Nevertheless, we had a really good time.

Next stop is Gulf Shores and that’s were we pick up next.

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