Saturday Morning Things

1. Ever heard of the Phi Phi Islands? Me neither. They are a small group of islands on the southern end of Thailand and they were made famous by the movie The Beach. Thailand is one of those countries where it seems that the natural beauty combined with the beach are unmatched, or the wow to normal factor is off the charts.

Photo by Jeppe Hove Jensen on Unsplash

2. Kiwi is way too underrated. The humble kiwi is native to China but you can pretty much get this any place, and I didn’t know this previously, but there are also kiwi berries that I am now desperate to try. I make an attempt to have kiwi every day, it’s 2 for $1 at my local grocer, it has 112% of your daily Vitamin C, 38% of Vitamin K, and 10% of Vitamin E. The other great thing is that fruit tends to go bad quickly and if I stick kiwi in the fridge, they’ll last at least a week, maybe more. Pro-tip? Don’t pick the soft kiwi, firm but not rock hard.

3. I only know about Charley Crockett because of 91.7 KXT in Dallas, who will play new interesting music. His latest release I’m Just a Clown is super catchy and from his latest album, The Man from Waco. If you want to know a bit more about Crockett, Garden & Gun has a nice interview.

4. You’ll see this probably Tom Whitwell on the 52 things he learned this year. I don’t know all of the things that I’ve learned and if I were to try to do this, I’d need to make a list starting in January.

5. The difficultness of this doesn’t even register because I’ve been on a mountain bike once. Bicycling’s Kim Cross on Braydon Bringhurst’s attempt to ride up The Whole Enchilada, which usually done downhill and has an average grade of 37% incline. You can also watch.

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