Game 6 – Mavs v. Heat

Where do I begin? I guess the first thing is to thank Blue, serious mad props to my boy Blue. Blue’s firm offered him tickets to Game 6 on Tuesday. He called me on Monday morning asked me if I wanted to go and without hesitation I said yes. He would fly in on Tuesday afternoon and leave early on Wednesday morning. I would also like to state that I never imagined that I would be able to attend a championship series of any kind. I never really thought that this was something that I would ever be able to pull off, off. Nevertheless, it was happening and I was so excited. Below is Blue and myself.

After driving around downtown and as most people know, my sense of direction is horrible. I had an idea of where we needed to be, but no idea how to get there. Besides all of this, I think we arrived at the AAC at 5:30 and we decided to go to the Old No. 7 Club and grab a couple of drinks. Essentially, the Old No. 7 is a bar with good looking girls paid to be good looking and over-priced drinks. Blah. Despite all of this, this allowed Blue and I the opportunity to relax and catch up a little bit, until Sue from Midland decided to join Blue while I was grabbing a beer. Sue is an older married woman who was with her husband and to put it nicely was a little over the top with her niceness. We ditched Sue and headed upstairs to our seats once 6:30 rolled around.

Here’s Blue looking for a picture of his sweetie so that I could check her out, out.

Below is a picture of Mike Breen and Hubie Brown, about 1 1/2 hour before tip-off.

This is Donald Carter, the man who brought the Mavs to town. Cuban purchased the entire front row Stackhouse jerseys. Carter was also there at least 1 1/2 hour before tip-off.

So the tickets Blue got were from a client of his and they were in the Platinum level. For those of you who don’t know, this is where all the rich and beautiful people sit. This is a picture of the Platinum Club, which is essentially 6 or 7 bars and a number of different restaurants on the Platinum level. Other that T-Storm’s seats, which were right by the Marvs’ dancers, this was the most primo spot in the arena.

This is a snapshot of Cobra-Snake, Corby Davidson from the Hardline. They were at the Old No. 7 Club.

This was right before tip-off, I cannot tell you, despite the lackluster crowd, the level of excitement for this game. I’ve never felt anything like this before. This picture really doesn’t express how close we were to the action. We were 5 rows up on the Platinum level and the action seemed so much closer than appears.

Dirk warming up.

This is the part where they move these stupid looking trophies out onto the floor. I’ve always thought that the coolest way for these players to enter would be from the hallway, coming out of the darkness onto the floor. Not by some stupid plastic looking trophy.

This is right before tip-off and Dirk continues to shoot. Even when Humble Billy is announcing the other team, he continues to shoot and Adrian Griffin rebounds for him. He’s constantly shooting, it’s like he can’t get enough of it, like he’s trying to perfect whatever it is he’s working on, on.


Dirk shooting free-throws.

I remember never feeling comfortable the entire 1st period despite the fact that we seemed to out-play the Heat. There was one point during the second quarter with about 7 minutes left where Dwyane Wade left the game and surprise surprise, the Mavs went on a nice little run. I cant’ remember what the score was, but I remember that the Mavs had a nice little cushion. Wade checks back into the game with about 4 minutes left in the half and he essentially leads the Heat to a one point lead at the half.

For whatever reason, I knew that at this point in the game (below) the game was over. We could just never get over their lead.

This was the score as time ran out on the Mav’s season. I can’t explain why I was drawn to take this picture of a half-naked Josh Howard, but I did. I love him.

This was the scene after the game. Most of the Mavs players congratulated the Heat players, but I couldn’t bear to watch David Stern give away the trophy. I really thought that this was the Mavs’ year and I really thought that we were better than the Heat. I’ve been disappointed almost all day, but I really don’t have anything to complain about. I attended an NBA Finals game and it was an incredible experience. The seats were awesome the crowd was really electric, and I cannot tell you how there seemed to be approximately 20,000 fans all wanting the Mavs to simply squeak by one more game so that we could end the season the way it was meant to end.

Please read Hetty’s fine work here. A really good article about former NBA ref Mike Mathis. I thought that this was really interesting in light of all the things that have gone on in these playoffs. I wish he would have told us where he heard the interview, however, I have to assume that it was The Ticket.

Once again, I want to thank Blue, it was an incredible experience. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

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2 thoughts on “Game 6 – Mavs v. Heat

  1. WOW that’s awesome that you were able to go to the finals, Seth!! Thanks for posting all the pictures so we could have a little taste of what that would be like. It looks amazing!!! I’m so jealous 🙂

  2. I would say “wow” and “neato” and all of that cool stuff but I’m too jealous. And the fact that you never even told me about this opportunity stings even more. I once loved you. Now, I loath you. Looks like fun times though, wish I could have experienced it. My only championship attendence besides Cowboy playoff games was the Stanley Cup Finals. It was so outstanding, but I can’t imagine the Finals. That’s awesome.

    And yes, the interview was on the ticket. They played it a few times throughout the day. I wish I could get the entire thing on tape but I’m not that cool. Very interesting none the less.

    Double down.

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