Saturday Morning Links

1. A night up in a tree in your own backyard. I think I’ve found my fall project when the weather turns.

2. I had never heard of Trini Lopez, but he was from Dallas and he was an incredible musician that was discovered by by Frank Sinatra. To bring things to modern day, Dave Grohl uses a 1967 Gibson Trini Lopez signature ES-335 to record all of the Foo Fighter albums.

3. Moving pictures from over 100 years ago: New York City 1911; Jerusalem 1897; Paris 1890s; Berlin 1902; San Sebastian 1913; London 1923; La Habana 1930; Sarajevo 1914; Madrid 1910; Marseille 1900; Belfast 1901; Amsterdam 1922; San Francisco 1906; Stockholm 1913; St. Petersburg 1914; Halifax 1902. You get the idea.

4. Via the LA Times, NBA superfan James Goldstein doesn’t know what he’s going to do if he cannot go to the NBA games.

“I can’t really grasp what it’s going to do to me,” he said.

Photo by Tatenda Mapigoti on Unsplash

5. You ever heard of Lesotho? Me neither. It’s a country within the borders of South Africa and along with Vatican City and San Marino, is one of three states completely surrounded by another singular country. Via SideTracked some beautiful pictures of a country that I’ve never even heard of before now. I’d also add that when I first looked at the photos, I thought I was looking at Europe.

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